Token Sales

See Filters is a comprehensive ecosystem for secure and efficient access to the Internet of Value.

cat-icon Paris, France


Our vision is to become the crypto enterprise with the biggest number of users worldwide, the place where crypto owners can do online-shopping worry-free.

cat-icon Singapore, Singapore


Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency, that operates on mobile devices via app only, empowered by custom blockchain technology.

cat-icon Niagara Falls, Canada


The number 1 marketplace for skill sharing

cat-icon Tel Aviv, Israel


Global Platform offering easy, secure and quality access to cryptocurrency trading

cat-icon Barcelona, Spain


Decentralized Peer to Peer ERC-20 compatible token created by XRT Foundation which especially works in food industry

cat-icon New Delhi, India

Golden Currency

First cash private money on blockchain, 100% backed by gold, and its infrastructure.

cat-icon Singapore, Singapore


Emotional Intelligence Powered by Blockchain

cat-icon Belmopan, Belize


The biggest healthcare database and application

cat-icon Zug, Switzerland

Money By Design

Bringing power of Blockchain to institutions

cat-icon Paris, France


  • 27th Jan - 7th May

Global Decentralize Platform for Educational Courses and Learning Institution

cat-icon Singapore, Singapore

Invest in Brokers

Trustless copy-trading through API services, designed for beginning and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

cat-icon London, UK


We are planning to initiate a system of comprehensive services that will gather in one place innovative and, until this moment, unused areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market in order to enable their use in everyday life.

cat-icon Katowice, Poland

Kinekt Terminals

The worlds 1st transaction agnostic blockchain integrated terminal!

cat-icon Pretoria, South Africa


Telegram Open Network Registered Rights to Creators & Intellectual Property Trading

cat-icon Berlin, Germany


First blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency

cat-icon Kyiv, Ukraine


Votem® is a blockchain-based mobile voting platform enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online with unprecedented verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency.

cat-icon Cleveland, USA


Virtual world has ceased to be only visual - add feelings, emotions and monetize your content

cat-icon Nicosia, Cyprus


The device credibility ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain

cat-icon London, UK


Food Industry Quality Control System

cat-icon Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia


Networking opportunities, management tools, smart-contracts, and instant P2P payments for the construction industry.

cat-icon Castle Rock, United States

Giza Device

Hardware Wallet & Password Manager

cat-icon London, United Kingdom