Pre-ICO ICO Details

The internet is being censored all around us and big organizations control what people see and don’t see in the form of not only advertisements but also complicated algorithms. aims to change the censorship and control of the internet.

Alphabit believes that the creators of content and those viewing the content deserve to be rewarded in the form of Aphabit (LPH) for what they provide to the community. There is no middle man or meditary control over the community.

Take a moment to register an account and test the concept platform before we release the beta and live versions of (LPH).

The primary goal is to give users tokens for interacting and providing their attention the the Alphabit (LPH) platform. Users will earn LPH for interacting with the platform & their positive behavior.

Including but not limited to the following:

Creating an Account
Posting an Update
Uploading a Profile Photo
Adding Friends
Posting in Forms
Joining Groups
Viewing Pages / Content
Selling Content
Positive Behavior
Plus a whole bunch more
Please refer to our whitepaper for a complete breakdown of the (LPH) platform and what it has to provide to the community.

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ICO Structure Details

Enter the Bounty Program by filling out the following Google Docs SpreadSheet. Stakes are updated every 72 hours.

View the Bounty Program Current Results and Submissions:

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