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Ankorus ICO Details

Ankorus​ ​is​ the​ gateway​ for​​ moving​​ value​ in either direction between​​ crypto​​ and​​ traditional​​ financial​ markets.

Ankorus is a breakthrough new cryptocurrency exchange that tokenizes any financial instrument
traded on any exchange in the world. Ankorus pegs the value of a security to a token. Tokens are backed by securities and these securities are insured and fully auditable.

Easy conversion of your wealth into Anchor Tokens tied to a security of your choice: top-traded equities, sovereign debt, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology also enables the transcending of old geographical barriers to entry. Tokens can be traded online from anywhere, quickly and cheaply, and can be sold as fractionalised assets, further lowering financial barriers to entry.

With the trading platform that is still to be built, Customers can transfer their Anchor Tokens to nominated Beneficiaries. Anchor Tokens will be able to be traded at a very low cost, held, transferred or redeemed.

Ankorus is also the easy way in to crypto.

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ICO Structure Details

100 million ANKs created in total of which 50 million ANKs are available for allocation to the public.

No pre-sale.

A Whitelist is available for contributors who wish to reserve their place.

ANK token hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain

Hard cap 150,000 ETH.

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