B-Umbrella ICO Details

The B-Umbrella application offers an online platform where clients and security specialists can interact in order to sign security agreements without having to correspond to any third-party authorization and without involving any intermediaries.

The application will provide the peer-to-peer cashless transactions empowered by the pre-designed smart contracts identifying the relationships between clients and executors as well as the terms and conditions basing on which the security agreements are considered satisfactorily completed.

All parts of the entire ecosystem of the B-Umbrella project are interlinked through the functional BUNT tokens providing the users and the platform with the reliable and efficient means of interaction.
Everyone will be able to create a profile on the B-Umbrella platform selecting a relevant security specialization. The only formal procedure necessary to enter the application is the online registration. A potential executor will need to fill in a profile data including an avatar, a nickname and an informal description of skills and services s/he can offer.

BUNT (B-Umbrella tokens) represent the membership and service-fee-payment functions enabling users to make safety agreements, pay for DApp services, and execute any transactions necessary to interact within the B-Umbrella DApp.
Thus, BUNT are simple app coins that can be recognized neither as equity nor as currency.

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ICO Structure Details

The total amount of BUNT to be created is 1 500 000 000 BUNT that is equal to 7 500 BTC (BTC, ETH, USD, and EUR are the currencies acceptable by default by the Waves wallet for token crowdsale). The rate of the B-Umbrella tokens is 200 000 BUNT for 1 BTC. The tokens will be issued via Waves platform (https://wavesplatform.com/), and will be instantly available for trading in different currency pairs on the DEX exchange.

The total amount of BUNT will be distributed in the following proportion:
600 000 000 BUNT (3 000 BTC) – distributed among crowdsale participants during the token distribution period;
400 000 000 BUNT (2 000 BTC) – locked in the reserve fund for further distribution via purchase/exchange section of the B-Umbrella DApp;
250 000 000 BUNT (1 250 BTC) – locked for rewarding both B-Umbrella and Pangea teams;
150 000 000 BUNT (750 BTC) – locked for rewarding the third-party advisors, partners, promoters;
40 000 000 BUNT (200 BTC) – locked for the token distribution cost compensation;
60 000 000 BUNT (300 BTC) – locked for the post-launch promotion of the project.
Thus, the total amount of tokens for sale is 600 000 000 BUNT (3 000 BTC), that is the hard cap to be desirably reached during the 360-days token distribution period.
The redeem period for BUNT tokens will start after 6 months of the B-Umbrella actual operation. We will provide this buy-back period in order to return as many tokens back to the in-DApp operation as possible. The redeem price will be equal to the average market price of BUNT at the moment of purchase being at the same time not lower than the token distribution period’s price.

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