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Birdchain ICO Details

Birdchain is a blockchain-based (r)evolution of services we currently provide. It tackles two problems
at the same time:
Firstly, despite the fact that almost all mobile phone owners have unlimited SMS plans or get
large amounts of free SMSs every month, almost nobody uses SMS messages. Today, people
communicate via instant messaging apps, which means that every month billions of free SMS
messages are wasted simply because they are not used
Secondly, businesses pay up to 8 euro cents[2] per single SMS to send promotional or transactional
messages to their clients. Although the price of the service is indecently high and corporate
middlemen keep rising it every year, the quality of service is declining (lower delivery speed,
messages are delivered too late, and only a part of all the possible recipients get the messages).

For people Birdchain will be an instant messaging app which will automatically sell unused SMSs to
businesses. All they will have to do is download the Birdchain app and set the maximum number of
messages to send. Almost instantly the app will start sending transactional or promotional SMSs
automatically in the background of the app. Birdchain will never send messages to Birdchain app user
Birdchain will only facilitate the A2P SMS distribution service, NOT the app user contacts, therefore,
before using Birdchain service, client businesses need to build and have their own contact database.
The Birdchain service will be purchased in Birdchain cryptocurrency (tokens) and users will get paid in
Birdchain cryptocurrency (tokens). Real-life Birdchain token (BIRD) application will ensure an additional
adaptation boost. We believe it to be the best way to develop a stable and secure cryptocurrency. As it can be noticed in the current market, real-life adaptation and price stability are the key attributes most
current cryptocurrencies lack.
Low service prices for businesses and monetary motivation for Birdchain app users will help Birdchain
to enter the A2P SMS market smoothly. In 2017 the value of global A2P market hit $63 billion in revenue
and is expected to reach $84 billion by 2024[3].
The team behind Birdchain has been successfully operating the A2P SMS aggregation business
VertexSMS for almost 10 years. During that period we have gathered in-depth expertise and knowledge
of A2P SMS market. Moreover, we have more than 10 years of experience in software development
(especially in social networking apps) and remarkable proficiency in both blockchain and cryptography.
It gives us the confidence in creating a more transparent, more secure and fairer solution for the public,
businesses, and the market itself.

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ICO Structure Details All the info about the token is on page 42 (lots of tables)

The Birdchain ICO and token sale are expected to be organized in 10 waves. Such ICO model is introduced for the convenience of contributors:
1. they will receive BONUS tokens;
2. it is a more transparent way to present what Birdchain features are proposed to be fulfiled if each wave is reached

What is expected to be delivered when the cap of each wave is reached:

Wave 1 – Blockchain SMS Gateway & Basic IM App
A basic instant messaging app that will allow users to chat online (Instant Messaging) and of ine (using SMS). While in the background application is going to process transactional and promotional messages in exchange for BIRD token.

Wave 2 – Full-Featured Instant Messaging App for Android

Upgrade of our IM app to a worldwide level a all-in-one communication app. Chat, play games, share photos and videos.
• Voice and Video calls High-quality free calls to anywhere in the world.
• Photo and Video sharing
• Games
• Sticker gallery: Hundreds of free, fun, animated stickers to express your feelings from some of your favorite cartoons and movies.

Wave 3 – Upgraded Blockchain SMS Gateway

Improvements in the bidding system. Users now will be able to see how many SMS are processed through their phones, recommended pricing for an SMS, speed it takes to deliver one SMS and general reports.

Wave 4 – Video-ads Platform

Further improvements/expansions of our marketing platform. Integration of video-ads platform into our IM. All app users will be able to watch these promotional ads in exchange for BIRD tokens.

Wave 5 – In-app Purchases

Third party developers will be able to offer exclusive content on our app for the users to spend their BIRD tokens on. From access to speci c news content to booking bus rides and ights.

Wave 6 – Live Video Streaming

Add to the IM platform a possibility to create a video streaming channels to which users could subscribe and donate BIRD tokens for the content created.

Wave 7 Milestone – Voice Call Gateway

Extending the platforms capabilities by allowing users of the app to sell not only their SMS but also leftover call time. Voice Call will enable companies reach their customers with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.

Wave 8 – Personal Data Marketplace

Possibility for the users to sell all or part of their personal data for the companies so that they could create a more relevant promotions.

Wave 9 – Accelerated Scaling & Global Market Penetration Part 1

Focus not only on the development of the fantastic Birdchain App but also huge focus on attracting business and end users.

Wave 10 – Accelerated Scaling & Global Market Penetration Part 2

An extensive global marketing campaign to spread a faster application adoption and business attraction across the globe. This would include comprehensive online marketing efforts, face to face meetings and conference attendances.
In a likely event of not falling into a single wave, bonuses will be provided proportionally. For example, if contributors donate 9450 ether and a person wants to contribute 60 ether, they should transfer 60 ether in a single transaction and then they will receive 50% bonus for 50 ether and 45% bonus for remaining 10 ether.

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