Block Food Token ICO Details

BlockFood is the world’s first decentralized food ordering platform.

BlockFood is an open platform created to connect customers to restaurants with a fair distribution model of revenue, based on Smart Contracts and Ethereum. BlockFood is a non-profit project and is the first from the Open Sharing Economy foundation.

– Decentralized: Users are empowered. They make the platform grow and they reap the benefits.
– Fair: Revenue is distributed fairly between all actors. BlockFood is a non-profit project.
– Open: The source code is available on open source platforms. The platform is open to third-party developers.

Fairer sharing economy. Smarter platform. Social equity.
Join our community and help us reach our pre-sale goal!

Let’s give the sharing economy back to the people.

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ICO Structure Details

Base exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 BFT

Bonus: +50%
Min cap: 100 Eth
Max cap: 200 Eth

Token sale
Min cap: 1000 Eth
Max cap: 54000 Eth

Week 1: +20%
Week 2: +10%
Week 3: +5%
Week 4/5: 0%

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