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Blockbid ICO Details

At present, cryptocurrencies are scattered across multiple exchanges, so traders and investors need to sign up with numerous platforms. This causes inconvenience and trust issues for users, as well as missed trading opportunities due to time lapse whilst funds are in transit between different exchange platforms.

Blockbid will be an ultra-secure cryptocurrency trading platform which will host over 1000 different cryptocurrencies. No more having to register and login to several exchanges or use poor quality exchanges just because they are the only platform to list a coin you have researched and wish to purchase.

We also plan to solve the inconvenience of needing one provider to exchange fiat to Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum, and another to purchase and trade the hundreds of smaller altcoins, by accepting fiat currencies directly.

Trade with the highest number of cryptocurrencies available on one exchange
Low transaction fees
All cryptocurrency assets are insured Fully compliant with Australian AML/CTF Act
All funds are secured by multi-signature wallets
Operating on Australia’s fastest exchange network
Scalable up to 1 million transactions per second
First Australian cryptocurrency exchange to operate under AFSL guidelines
Ultra-secure platform using latest security protocols and designs
Blockbid tokens (BID) provide a 30 minute window of free trading on the Blockbid exchange, per token.

If you want more free trading time, simply use more tokens (e.g. 5 BID = 2:30 free trading)

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