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Blok ICO Details

We at Blok are democratizing the gig economy by empowering the next generation, on-demand workforce through the Ethereum blockchain. Blok connects on-demand workers with verified opportunities through our open source platform. Utilizing smart contracts we eliminate current frictions in the gig economy. Working nine to five for a single employer will be the minority by 2020. Escaping the cubicle is within reach for millions of workers, Blok will assist in helping them achieve this freedom.

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Ivan Cherevko


Kyle White


Jakub Muśko

Blockchain Engineer

Barton Rhodes

Data Scientist

Alya Cherevko

Frontend Engineer

Kirill Kazakov

UX Designer

Aamir Sohail

Community & Marketing


Alex Artemyev


Adnan Javed


Ismail Malik


Dean “Sakis” Karakitsos


Wulf Kaal




ICO Structure Details

Use of proceeds:

40% of the funds generated in the token generation event will be used to fund the development of Blok products according to the product development roadmap — the Blok protocol, a set of client apps on different platforms for the blokpreneurs, and help bootstrap the process of a company partially migrating their processes to the Blok protocol.

25% of the funds will be used for marketing and business development purposes, marketing Blok client apps to blokpreneurs worldwide and doing business development for the gig economy companies. These funds will be used towards marketing the platform and working with gig economy companies. They will not be spent on the token generation event.

20% of the funds will be used for operational expenses of Blok Inc., legal fees, etc.

15% of the funds will be kept as reserve and be used to generate liquidity for the blokpreneurs, to provide fiat payments in exchange for earned BLO tokens. Also, Blok Inc. reserves the right to use these funds on the open markets to buy BLO tokens when it makes economic sense.

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