Bountie Coin ICO Details

Bountie is platform for gamers to make a living while playing their favourite games. Gamers can now get a return on their time spent while gaming as compared to before where it’s just time spent and entertainment in return. Gaming brands on the other hand have a target audience to reach out to via our platform. Through our built in analytics, we would be able to allow gaming brands to reach and target gamers more specifically based on current gaming rig that they are using, what level of gaming skillset, what content & brands they are interested and looking at. Our team is also focused on Design, User Experience and User Interface(from our experiences with working with other big name clients), we aim to deliver a much better platform for our gamers and gaming brands than the rest of our competitors.

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ICO Structure Details

Pre-sale bonus of 15% up to 26086ETH raised until 1800 (GMT+8) 14/01/2018.
0% bonus thereafter.

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