Brixby ICO Details

We are building a platform where people could rent a vehicle, park it, charge electric car (EV) and pay for those transportation services at one place.

Small businesses will list their assets (a vehicle, a parking space, a bus service, a charger, etc.) on BRIXBY and start earning money from their peers. why blockchain: confirmed financial transactions, transparency, no need for extra reconciliation.


Bonuses up to 50%:
Pre-ICO Discount — 40% valid through all Pre-ICO event
Pre-ICO token exchange rate: 1 BRICK = 0.000550 ETH
(ICO rate 1 BRICK = 0.000917 ETH)

Day 1: +10% bonus
Example: 1 BRICK = 0.000917 — (40%+10%)=0.0004585ETH
Day 2: +5% bonus
Day 3: +3% bonus
Day 4: no bonuses

For more detailed information about Brixby visit:


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