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CARE Coin ICO Details

Using our platform, patients can control their health records and purchase healthcare services at a reduced cost, regardless of borders. Using our platform, providers can cut their administrative burdens, get paid immediately, and access a global market of customers.

CARE tokens are made in an ERC20 smart contract that allows the CareX network to use the Ethereum blockchain for securing healthcare services. CareX has made a wallet in which you can handle your CARE tokens that includes an AI based chatbot that can help with various tasks and questions and analytics software.
CARE tokens also provide a share in an annual profit distribution of 0.5 percent from CareX.

With CARE tokens, going to a different country for medical services will be as easy as booking a flight after scheduling an appointment with an available doctor through the CareX wallet. Finding where you can get the best deal for a specific procedure becomes easy and simple with CareX.

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ICO Structure Details

The initial CARE Token will have a value of $10.00. Once the SAFT reaches certain funding levels, the price will increase. This is because CareX will be able to pursue more expansive growth efforts.

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