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Climate coin ICO Details

CLIMATECOIN CO2 token is a new cryptocurrency created for Climate change action.
We have created a coin for every person in the world to be able to contribute to this global problem and for that we have used the blockchain technology as a revolutionary way to eliminate intermediaries.

Our Team will use the contributions received from the people of all around the world to invest in companies and projects that create real solutions to mitigate Climate change and at the same time will help them grow and be competitive against other current systems that contaminate in their processes.

CLIMATECOIN Foundation will be also launching the Climatecoin Carbon Portal as the second part of the project, where a carbon credits tokenized system will make possible for anyone and not only corporations to buy through this standardized system. All the companies participated by Climatecoin will provide a source of product for this portal and will be able to sell their credits to different organizations/corporations worldwide.

By using the carbon markets, entities can neutralize, or offset, their emissions by retiring carbon credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere. We are also permitting any individual to do it also.

Our mission is to create a symbol for the common man to be able to participate in this struggle against Climate Change, while also utilizing the revolutionary blockchain technology to do so.
Climatecoin determination is to think big in order to be able to make real impact and be able to save the world from this threat. CLIMATECOIN presents itself as a Token-as-a-Service business model, which allows for contributors to have a reward from the foundation’s income if they accomplish some basic conditions. The smart contract allows token owners to collect 25% of Foundation profits accrued quarterly but paid in Ethers every 6 months when token holders register, sign in, justify that they held the tokens for 6 months and vote in our platform to a series of questions about investments made or to be made by the Organization. To grow the capital pool, the rest of the profits will be reinvested back into the foundation to fund the acquisition of new companies.

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ICO Structure Details

Durgin pre-sale period we have the next bonus:

25% -> 150,000 ETH
20% -> 150,000 ETH – 250,000 ETH
15% -> 250.000 ETH – 350.000 ETH
5% -> 350,000 ETH – 450,000 ETH
0% -> 500.000 ETH

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