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Coin Loan Token ICO Details

In our platform, a client may act both as a lender and a borrower.

The lender may deposit his/her fiat money with the aid of international/local bank transfers or bank cards and individually create requests for loans on favorable terms (terms, interest rates). He/she may also choose our system to do the above in a fully automatic mode, thereby avoiding the manual creation and continuous monitoring of his/her requests. If the borrower fails to return the funds, the system will automatically liquidate (sell) the pledged crypto asset and return the funds to the lender (including the interest rate), thereby ensuring the absence of risks and a full repayment.

The borrower shall deposit his/her crypto currency funds, then create a loan application, the amount of which cannot exceed 70% of the current market value — this restriction is created to preserve the borrower’s crypto assets and reduce the risks caused by the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Next, he/she shall withdraw the received fiat money in a convenient and fast way, and later repays it, and gets his/her crypto asset back in full.

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