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Cointrade Pre-ICO ICO Details

Our mission is to make the cryptocurrency community grow and ensure more and more users take up this technology. We want to achieve this by making accessing and trading cryptocurrencies as straightforward, common and secure as buying an item from Amazon.
Most current crypto exchanges are inefficient, expensive and unsafe. Cointrade is the most ambitious cryptocurrency trading project to date, allocating millions of dollars toward developing a scalable platform that can handle millions of users and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.
Our professional track record is impeccable and it has allowed us to build contacts with professionals from leading technology companies such as IBM and Intel, and with powerful banks such as BBVA and Deutsche Bank.
At Cointrade we believe in talent and hard work. We are therefore committed to having the best team on our side and making technological innovation our hallmark in everything we do. This is the only way we can take blockchain technology to the next level.

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John Milla Cano

CEO & Founder

Billy Zambrano


Eduardo Bazan

Head of the Finance Department

Anibal Diaz

Senior Developer

Hannibal Rodriguez

Advertising Manager

Ana Rivera

Blockchain developer



ICO Structure Details

CTT is an ERC20 standard compliant token that will initially be distributed during pre-ICO and main round of the crowdsale.
Contributors will be able to acquire tokens at reduced prices by sending a defined amount of Ethers to ICO smart contract address.
The crowdsale smart contract parameters will define terms and conditions for the duration of the crowdsale, as well as budget
allocation, funding caps, power hour terms and discounts. Users holding currencies, other than ETH will be able to use third
party crypto exchange services to receive Ether in order to participate in the crowdsale. CTT tokens will be available for sale on our official
portal at
A total of amount 236.110.000 CTT will be issued, of which:
• 23.610.000 CTT will be reserved for team members and founders
• 25.000.000 CTT will be available for sale during pre-ICO
• 187.500.000 will be sold during main round of the ICO.
Pre-ICO will not have a soft cap since we only see it as an opportunity for early participants to get Cointrade Tokens at a lower
price, hence we don’t consider a soft cap is necessary at this stage. Nevertheless, there will be a soft cap during the main ICO. The exact
sum for the ICO soft cap will not be made public until pre-ICO phase is concluded. However, we can anticipate that this number will be
close to 5 million USD. In case soft cap is not reached, both pre-ICO and ICO participants will get a full refund.
The price for each CTT will be 0.24$. During the pre-ICO stage, users will be able to get them at only 0.20$
each. In the ICO phase, the price for each CTT will range between 0.22$ and 0.24$, depending on the stage the ICO is at the moment.
At Cointrade, we want that every person who wants to participate in the ICO is able to do so. That’s why there will be no minimum ETH required in order to contribute.

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