Crederoom ICO Details


While working as financial company in lending business we came to fact, that a lot of processes in lending business are old fashion and don’t comply to the modern world. Enough to say that some of lending policies were developed in 1950s.

We understood that we can bring modern technologies to this business. Processing customers data with modern technologies give us ability to predict customer’s behaviour on all stages. We start to communicate with customer before the idea to get loan come to his mind. Therefore we can plan our budget for marketing and marketing events as well. Another opportunity is to open new markets for lending.

There is a great amount of borrowers, that currently are ignored by lending companies due to not complying to their policies. These borrowers are able to give great return if chosen properly. Our platform is almost ready to work with this matter. More, by processing customer’s publicly available data and comparing it to data provided by customer and closed registers available to lending companies we can separate non-paying customers more properly.

We can not only separate them, we also can predict collection expenses and total possible profit even with non-paying customers. Being very sensitive to data safety and integrity we adopt blockchain for data storing as well.

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