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Crypto20 ICO Details

CRYPTO20 is an autonomous crypto-only index fund that tracks the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the same way the S&P500 tracks the top 500 US company stocks. C20 is the fund’s token, and represents an investor’s share in the fund. Token-holders are able to liquidate the C20 token for their share of the underlying assets via the smart contract.

CRYPTO20 will utilize 98% of the ICO proceeds to buy the underlying crypto-assets. The tokens can be liquidated automatically through the smart contract — allowing C20 token-holders to cash out for this underlying asset value at any time.

Liquidation is fundamental to what makes CRYPTO20 groundbreaking: it protects the token price and ensures it is never able to fall below the token’s share of the publicly audited underlying assets. These tokens will be resold on exchanges so that the overall fund value does not decrease over time.

We believe the recent appearance of active crypto funds with high management fees (3%+ p/a), exit fees and the inability to trade fund tokens between investors are contrary to the core spirit of crypto — control over your assets and the freedom to move them at will. These funds attempt to exploit the nascent market because of a lack of competition. CRYPTO20 can charge fees of only 0.5% p/a due to its innovative set-up, with no legacy banking costs and full automation.

Cryptocurrencies afford us an opportunity to create the world anew. So why are we installing intermediaries and building bloated platforms? By going directly to the end-user as a cryptocurrency itself, CRYPTO20 gives investors the ability to sell or exchange their tokens at will with no exit fees, no platform fees, and no broker fees.

Available for Purchase: 75,000,000
Price per token:
48 hours to week 4 of ICO: $1.05
Week 4-6 of ICO: $1.10
Emission rate: No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the ICO

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