DevNetwork ICO Details

Devnetwork is the next blockchain for HR platform that will solve shortage of talents and developers in Tech industries

Devnetwork ( has tools to create talents hub and analyst for talent‘s profile and also tools for technology companies to hiring and outsourcing the project. Devnetwork works as the blockchain platform for Human Resource Management to be used as a secure form of payment for the hiring of salarymen, freelancers and value-added products. Devnetwork will create escrow and smart contract and receive platform fee from stakeholder and company’s activities in the platform for example, job searching, job post for companies, premium Artificial Intelligence for the suggestion on hiring talents, and more ecosystem features like community and event system.

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ICO Structure Details

Tier 1: Feb 16-28, 1 DEV = $0.1215 (12% Bonus)
Tier 2: Mar 1-15, 1 DEV = $0.1294 (5.4% Bonus)
Tier 3: Mar 16-30, 1 DEV = $0.1364 (0% Bonus)

Total circulation: 400M DEV
ICO budget: $30M (60% of 400M DEV)
ICO duration: now – 30 March 2018
Type: Utility
Token Standard: ERC-20
Proof: KYC / AML / Regulatory comply

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