Edgecoin ICO Details

What is the future of education?
Imagine the future of education 10 years from now on. The entire academic and professional career of every student and later employee is recorded on the blockchain in and by smart contracts.
These smart contracts contain all of your skills, qualifications, certificates and also job records. Just one klick on your unique smart contract public address authorized by you can provide proof of your skill set for inquiring parties such as public authorities, institutions, employers and so on. No more notarized documents, translations or huge PDFs with all of your data.

Edgecoin vision for starters:
The vision is the groundbreaking disruption of the old education industry and all of its branches. The following points are initial use cases which Edgecoin can provide right after the mercury phase.

Initial edgecoin use cases built in smart contracts:

Users pay with Edgecoins on every major e-learning platform for courses and other content they have passed or consumed.
Users obtain valid, encrypted and unique certificates via Edgecoin smart contracts in just one process.
Students can see and manage their academic development or the whole career in their Edgecoin based smart contract (online and/or stored on a secure device) that was provided by their university at the beginning of their studies.
Institutions can get rid of their heavy documented certification process by having it all digitalized, organized, governed and issued by the Edgecoin technology.

Edgecoin Tokens (Edge Smart Token – EST) are Ethereum based and can be viewed on

Smart contract address:

Token total supply: 100.000.00
Tokensale supply: 50.000.000 EST
Pre ICO Sale supply: 10.000.000 EST
ICO supply: 40.000.000 EST
Pre ICO sale minimum invest: 1 ETH. 1 ETH = 10.000 EST (Edgecoins)
ICO sale minimum invest: 0.1 ETH. 1 ETH = 5.000 EST

For more info regarding ICO please klick here:

Bounty Campaign:
https://www.edgecoin.io/bounties (coming soon)

EST will be listed on the following Exchanges 2-4 weeks after the the ICO is over:

Link to full Edgecoin (EST) Presentation:

For more detailed information about Edgecoin visit:

For more detailed information about Edgecoin visit:




ICO Structure Details

100% Bonus during Pre ICO Sale
November 6th 2017
December 6th 2017

Edgecoin presentation

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