Elementh token Pre-ICO ICO Details

Elementh has absorbed the best achievements of recent years in the field of blockchain, aiming at solving the problems of the modern world of e-commerce. Elementh is a blockchain for e-commerce, which is a register of ownership of goods with the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use of the nomenclature standard to quickly create various decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce.
Elementh’s goal is to create an alternative protocol for the development of decentralized applications used by e-commerce, providing a standard quality nomenclature, guaranteeing ownership of a particular product and the ability to create specialized smart contracts for e-commerce. Elementh will achieve this by creating a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, allowing everyone to write smart contracts and decentralized applications, enabling the use of unified product cards, e-commerce transactions and the transfer of ownership.

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ICO Structure Details

pre-Sale 1 EEE = 0,0001 ETH (bonus tokens: 50%)
pre-ICO 1 EEE = 0,0001 ETH (bonus tokens: 1st day of pre-ico whitelist: 30%, 2nd day of pre-ico whitelist: 15%)
ICO 1 EEE = 0,0002 ETH (bonus tokens: 1st day of ICO whitelist: 30%, 2nd day of ICO whitelist: 15%)

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