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Faceter ICO Details

Faceter is a video surveillance and security platform based on artificial vision technology and an approach that involves analyzing the chain of events happening in the frame and responding to them. 

Faceter makes video surveillance systems much more capable by adding face recognition technology. Faceter can build a list of office workers, family members, restaurant patrons; generate a report on who was detected and when, in the cameras’ scope; find each occurrence of a specific person at a specific location and retrieve specific records from the archive. 

Faceter can be taught to respond to certain events. For example, the system can send SMS to parents when their child arrives from school, and transmit information to integrated systems via available APIs. It could be a smart house management platform that will send a command to warm up food in the microwave.

When integrated with urban services, Faceter can be configured to perform specific actions, such as sending alerts to 911 if there are signs of violence or incipient crime.

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ICO Structure Details

Bonus program during Pre-ICO: 50%
Bonus program during ICO:
No more than 6.4% of total tokens are allocated to participants during this stage.

Extra 5% bonus for individual purchases greater than $10,000

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