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Finamatrix ICO Details

Finamatrix issues the FIX token. Finamatrix owns proprietary technology — Risk Cybernetics and MVSK Utility Optimization — and also crowdsources AI tech from the financial intelligence community. With integration APIs, secure Blockchain AI is created for risk reduction and predictable returns.

FIX is next generation value investing with AI-driven risk-arbitrage strategies, offering 100% capital-protection.

Total public issue: 500m tokens.

Bonus: Nil (early birds get discount)

Tiers: 5 tiers (1st tier cheapest)

FIX tokens are 100% capital-protected. FIX is backed by liquid assets with low 10% capital utilization which is backed by corporate value. Finamatrix utilizes low risk risk-arbitrage and relative-vallue strategies.

Buyers can apply for refund on every financial quarter based on their buy-in price at ICO from Finamatrix. If buyers bought with BTC, they will receive the refund in BTC at the same amount of BTC. If buyers bought with USD, they will receive USD.

Proof of the price and Finamatrix wallet address must be shown in their wallet. For eg.

FIX is listed on Waves DEX and we are preparing for listing in a few more exchanges.

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