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Fintech Coin ICO Details

FintechFans is Building a Decentralized Marketplace for one-off tasks and short-term positions.
The Marketplace is a completely novel, decentralized application. As it consists, at its core, as a set of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, interference by any party, including the FintechFans Company itself is impossible.
Our dream is:
– Cutting out the middleman, lowering costs
– Offering a decentralized review system, leading to honest and unbiased insights
– Enabling peer to peer payment without the possibility for dispute

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ICO Structure Details

discount tiers:
first 2 million tokens sold 20% discount
from 2 to 4 million tokens sold 15% discount
from 4 to 6 million token sold 10% discount
from 6 to 9 million tokens sold 5% discount

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