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Fortitude ICO Details

Fortitude Ranch, a recreational and survival community, is creating a tradable cryptocurrrency token for advance membership sales to fund expansion to provide more people with a cost effective, affordable means to survive a collapse. Our cryptocurrency token, called a Fortitude, gives you a discount price on Fortitude Ranch membership, protection from membership price increases, and priority in joining when there is a waiting list. Blockchain technology is used to keep our member identities and security passwords for crisis entry into Fortitude Ranch locations absolutely secure, for voting and polling using blockchain, and for the issue and trading of Fortitudes, our cryptocurrency token for discount, priority membership purchase. When there is a surge in demand to join FR as a result of a pending threat or rising international tensions, we will not be able to meet demand for new members. Because of the priority FR token holders have in gaining membership when a waiting list to join, the price of Fortitudes could surge since owning Fortitudes may be the only way that some new members can get into FR location in times of crisis or high demand.

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ICO Structure Details

20% discount first 24 hours sale, starting Noon Central time, Dec 7.
We are not doing pre-sales that give unfair discounts to rich buyers.
When the IMO ceases we will coin an additional 20% Fortitudes for future sale (after 12 months) by the company. Thus if the maximum 150,000 are sold, an additional 30,000 would be minted for a maximum of 180,000 Fortitudes. No further Fortitudes will be issued. When used to purchase membership in Fortitude Ranch, Fortitudes are destroyed, so the number of Fortitude utility tokens will fall over time.
The staff and owners of Fortitude Ranch are not taking tokens for personal profit–all funds raised will go into land acquisition, buildings, and equipment to expand from current 2 locations to up to 12 U.S. and one international location.
We are “coining” the term “Initial MemberCoin Offering” (IMO) to emphasize that this is a utility token. It has no equity features or profit share and is not subject to securities regulations as a result.

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