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Geens ICO Details

Geens is privacy focused document storage with blockchain timestamping services. Geens encrypted document storage is connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Geens users can timestamp their documents on the blockchain without revealing the content of their documents or their own identities.

Among other applications, document timestamping is used to protect copyright, unique ideas or patents; to prove that the document was signed prior to a specific date; to acknowledge ownership; and to produce virtual IDs. Blockchain timestamps can be used as legal evidence in courts across the globe. Some Geens users timestamp their files while other users work as legal assistants, consultants, or validators and receive GEE tokens in return for their services.

Total supply: 100000000 GEE
Tokens for sale: 67000000 GEE

Bonuses: 37% in 1 Tier, 22% in 2 Tier, 11% in 3 Tier
Tiers: 4 Tiers available –
Tier 1, 7-9 Nov, GEE/ETH price 0.0006
Tier 2, 10-16 Nov, GEE/ETH price 0.00067
Tier 3, 17-26 Nov, GEE/ETH price 0.00074
Tier 4, 27 Nov-7 Dec, GEE/ETH price 0.00082

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