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GigaGiving ICO Details

Giga Giving is building a platform which will provide a new way to make donations, conduct charitable campaigns and fundraisers, all in a completely transparent and publicly accountable way; but more than that, it’s also a new way to connect people and their donations to those who need them with fewer transactions, less cost, and less complexity.

Giga Giving is founded on the idea that charitable giving shouldn’t be opaque, or hard to understand. Our goal is to change how charities work around the world, by giving people complete insight into how their donation is used, and how it benefits others – while improving the efficiency of managing a charitable program through modern technology.

This platform will provide charitable organizations the necessary infrastructure to move into the future.


Token Supply is 15,000,000, 12,000,000 available for purchase through ICO and 3,000,000 reserve

Five week ICO with scaled bonuses starting at 315%, 250%, 100%, 25% and finishing at 0

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