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Gimmer ICO Details

Gimmer is a community-based automated cryptocurrency trading platform where users share, learn and earn together. It’s easy-to-use and accessible to all types of customer.

Experienced traders can quickly set up advanced trading bots using the point and click interface. They can rent their trading strategies to others users via Gimmer’s Bot Store, generating an additional income while helping the community.

Novice users can choose from a range of ready-to-go trading bot solutions built by experienced traders. They can choose from pay-as-you-go or free solutions. There is no need for any previous trading experience or programming skills, making Gimmer perfect for anyone who wants to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

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ICO Structure Details

Maximum Token Supply: 110,000,000 GMR
Token Sale Hard Cap: 100,000,000 GMR
Minimum Token Supply: 50,000,000 GMR
Presale Hard Cap: 15,000,000 GMR
Maximum Tokens for Bounties, Advisers, Team and Reserves: 10,000,000 GMR (Bounties: +4% of total tokens issued. Advisers, reserves & team: +6% of total tokens issued)
Accepted Cryptocurrency: ETHER (ETH)
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1,000 GMR (plus applicable bonus)
Presale Minimum Transaction: 30 ETH
Public Token Sale Minimum Transaction: 0.1 ETH
Maximum token distribution: The amount of GMR created for bounties, advisers, reserves and team will be equivalent to 10% of the amount of GMR tokens issued (Tokens sold plus bonus offered).
The following is the maximum possible split:
100,000,000 GMR available in token sale
6,000,000 GMR for advisers, reserves and team
4,000,000 GMR for bounties Unsold Gimmer Tokens
Token Sale Dates 
Presale dates
Presale start: 24 November 2017
Presale finish: 2 January or when the presale cap is reached
Public Token Sale dates
Public Token Sale start: 3 January 2018
Public Token Sale start: 31 January 2018 or when the max cap is reached
Token Bonus Structure
Presale bonus
Contributions of 3,000 ETH and above will receive +40% Bonus GMR Tokens.
Contributions between 300 ETH and 2,999 ETH will receive +30% Bonus GMR Tokens.
Contributions between 30 ETH and 299 ETH will receive +25% Bonus GMR Tokens.
Public Token Sale bonus
Gimmer will open the public token sale with a 20% bonus, which will decrease by 5% each week until the sale ends or all the max cap is reached.
Week 1 +20% Bonus GMR Tokens on all contributions
Week 2 +15% Bonus GMR Tokens on all contributions
Week 3 +10% Bonus GMR Tokens on all contributions
Week 4 +5% Bonus GMR Tokens on all contributions
For more information, please refer to Gimmer ONE PAGER (EN), GENERAL WHITEPAPER (EN) and/or TECHNICAL WHITEPAPER (EN).

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