Gravel Coin ICO Details

GRAVEL COIN project started with the Invitation Letter on behalf of Paulo Carneiro (GRV CEO) issued by the Government of Guinea (Conakry). He has a background in the mining sector, and he is the founder and partner of Craton-Roche Recursos Minerais, a Brazilian mining company with large experience in mineral prospecting, geological survey, mining and mineral processing. This plan aims the capital raising through the blockchain technology issuing the GRV COIN to invest in the gravel production globally. Currently, there are opportunities in Brazil, Guinea, and possibly in Bolivia. In Brazil the project has access to “shovel ready” stone sites. In Guinea, a new company will be registered, the government will grant a licence for stone extraction, and the stone extraction and a crushing plant will be set up. The business model seeks large scale projects with high demand for gravel.

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ICO Structure Details

Pre-ICO 50%, 30%, 20% and 10% discount rates.
Additional 5% in future ICOs launched by the same company.
Vertical (output) and horizontal (other minerals) expansion plans.
Financials to be audited.
30% discount on the gravel purchase.

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