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Hackerspace Capital ICO Details

Hackspace Capital is a fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams with cutting edge products and technologies. Hackspace Capital is creating a dynamic new bridge between the worlds of
cryptocurrencies/blockchain technologies and crowdfunding.

Hackspace Capital has partnered with EnCata LLC – an elite design engineering/prototyping company for hi-tech
startups – to bring to the public both a new cryptocurrency and blockchain eco-system
as well as an ongoing series of hardware products and related services on
which to spend the currency.

Hackspace Capital also serves as an online platform/shop, where people can acquire products andservices created and offered by the platform’s startups and partner companies. Hackspace Capital
provides startups with multilayered support such as: organization of administrative
processes, legal support, business consulting, coordination and supervision of the project’s
life cycle, marketing via its partner companies, R&D, scientific research, engineering
development and preparations for mass production.

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ICO Structure Details

HACKSPACE has authorized the issuance of up to (one billion) HAC TOKENS,
with 51% to be issued directly to the public in 12 monthly sessions of 24 hours each. The
first issuing session will be September 19, 2017. HAC TOKENS will be sold in an auction
format, with the price of the HAC TOKENS fixed at the completion of the auction.

Buyers of HAC TOKENS will have the right to:
Exchange HAC TOKENS for goods and services produced by the HACKSPACE
network of companies. HAC TOKEN HOLDERS will receive the products up to 3 months in
advance and at a significant discount to the general market.
Exchange HAC TOKENS for engineering services with minimal contracts and
paperwork, significantly reducing the barriers between engineering service providers and
their clients.
Freely exchange HAC TOKENS for other crypto or fiat currencies on liquid exchanges
or sell HAC TOKENS via the HACKSPACE platform to buyers interested in acquiring
HACKSPACE goods and services.
HACKSPACE believes that the opportunity to acquire goods and services of HACKSPACE
and partner companies at up to a 20% discount should always provide a liquid environment
and strong global demand for sellers of HAC TOKENS, given its products and services are at
the core of science and technology development.

HACKSPACE will use the proceeds from the Token Sale to
Complete the development of its existing startup projects
Create its proprietary online platform
Hire specialized marketing, analytical and product development staff
Further develop its R&D and engineering infrastructure to support the premium
services offered through this Token Sale.
Build a production center to manufacture and reduce production costs of the
newly developed products of HACKSPACE portfolio startups.
Accelerate its project development pipeline
Create hackspaces and infrastructure in key global innovation hotspots to train and
mentor the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs.

HAC token is already traded on Yobit, Cryptopia and Mercatox

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