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Handelion ICO Details

Handelion is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation algorithms enclosed in digital contract functionality allow any business to benefit from it:
– investors fund small and medium enterprises to buy goods from manufacturers,
– buyers get financial leverage,
– manufacturers sell goods with full prepayment,
– logistics companies receive payments promptly and efficiently use the infrastructure.

All the participants, including insurance, research companies and rating agencies use big data to provide their services, estimate risks and market opportunities.

Handelion is developing a revolutionary ecosystem striving to become a major player facilitating international trade.

Handelion is using proven business models, selects the most comprehensive blockсhain framework and cooperates with technical and legal advisers around the World.

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ICO Structure Details

Bonus during ICO – 20%

Bounty program: 446’250 HION

Soft cap: 10,665.761 ETH
Hard cap: 54,818.534 ETH

If the ICO results are under the minimum CAP, the refunding will be open.
If the ICO results are below the maximum CAP, the remaining tokens will be burned.

Contract address: 0x192eB1a97AEE2B87c924dc2b8D8EB914DCb5f87F
Token address: 0xA089273724e07644da9739A708E544800D925115

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