HoldMe ICO Details

We have been giving a blockchain to create a new world.
This is what HOLDME about!

We are creating a synergy. And the only way to make things work is to do it together, like a bee swarm, because each of us deserves all the best things.
Holdme tokens = Holdme shares.

That means any holder of our tokens becomes a partner:
• Take full part in building up a company;
• Vote for the right vector of development;
• Boost your ideas, and realize them with the support of other partners;
• Get quarterly royalties;
• Establish sustainable income, growing HOLDME Business locally;
• BUY/SELL Tokens, making a profit from rapid growth.

This is how ICO token ties into value proposition.

We are going to gather the community, willing to change things, which have new ideas and ready to make them work. Our community is the people with new energy. That’s why we propose partnership.

Token holders will be receiving royalties from the profit. Of course, there will be investors, who want to speculate in the market. And they are free to do that. We will be making buybacks as well to increase the market cap, allowing buying tokens by those who really want to take part in growing HOLDME.

Why we are focusing on AI widget?

First, we must solve the main issue of any life processes, any business processes – a communication.

Such system will help to find out our real needs, our meanings, because everyone will be heard out, receiving instant answers and problem solving.

Let’s make the future together here and now!

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