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Immune Coin ICO Details

Everyone is worthy of having the freedom from diseases!
The IMC team is committed to combining artificial intelligence and immune biotechnology for the development of antibody drugs,
hoping to improve the quality of health and extend active lifespans of humans.
Our team possesses core technologies in big data analysis, artificial intelligence prediction,
computer-aided drug design, and next-generation gene sequencing.

Immune Coin (referred to as IMC) is based on Ethereum’s Smart Contract feature and the underlying decentralized blockchain technology.
Its purpose is to create a system for predicting the structure of effective antibodies to accelerate the development of immune drugs and products.

Our Core Technology
Our core technologies are big data analysis, artificial intelligence prediction,
computer-aided drug design, and next-generation gene sequencing.
Big data analysis and artificial intelligence prediction can greatly reduce the proportion of failures,
removing randomness from the process of developing antibody drugs.

Ethereum Smart Contracts
Immune Coins is built on the Ethereum smart contract technology based on the decentralized Blockchain technology.

The world’s fastest protein structure similarity search algorithm. It can efficiently compare a large amount of protein structures,
identifying similarities and differences among them. It is well applicable to functional prediction of protein.

DistComp @home:
High performance distributed computation system that can combine the computing power of large amounts of computers to greatly reduce the time needed for big data analysis.

An integrated artificial intelligence prediction system integrating five mainstream machine learning methods and parameter optimization algorithms.
When utilized in conjunction with [email protected], can quickly extract key information from existing data, determine trends, and complete predictions.

A computer-aided drug design system that can accurately analyze the structural complementarity between molecules to determine whether and how the drug and target molecules are able to bind to each other.

(PS)2 Protein Structure Prediction Server:
High-speed protein structure prediction system. It can predict structures involving a monomeric protein as well as protein complexes.
This technology is currently in its 3rd generation, and its accuracy and performance have been greatly enhanced.

How the Funds Will be Used?
Effective Operation Management
Funds will be used properly, and the progress will be made public periodically. Will develop biomedicine talent with academia to ensure the long-term value of IMC Tokens.

Price Balancing
Academic and commercial partners must use IMC Tokens for trade deposit when signing contract in the future.

Market Maintenance
After the company is established, annual financial reports will be announced, and a portion of operating income will be allocated to the development of the IMC Tokens market.

Protecting Your Health
Products produced or represented by the company can be purchased with IMC Tokens at 90% of the market price.

Payment of Drugs and Medical Expenses
The blockchain is highly distributed, self-managing, collectively maintained. We are committed to making IMC Tokens the new choice of payment for drugs and medical expenses.

How Do We Make Profits?
Drug development is very time-consuming; although with the assistance of artificial intelligence the time cost can be greatly reduced, the actual development speed is limited by the amount of funds and resources available. For the benefits of our team/company and investors, we have scheduled the ways the IMC make profits into three stages.

Short-term: Providing personalized medical diagnosis services, such as next-generation gene sequencing, and the follow-up healthcare consultation services. According to the diagnostic results, the customers will know what risks of health they may have in the future, such as the probabilities to grow breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. We can help people design personal health programs and sell organic food, nutritional supplements and anti-aging products. Cooperating with hospitals, we will be able to provide personal medicine and anti-aging treatment services. Those who purchase these services or products will have a 10% discount if they pay in IMC tokens.

Middle-term: 1. Continuing developing new blockchains and patenting related technologies applied to medicine and medical researches, for instance, a blockchain-based sharing platform for individuals’ genome and health data. Pharmaceutical companies and medical institutes who want to use these blockchain services must pay the license fee using the IMC token. 2. Finishing the development of our antibody structure prediction system and providing customized computation to pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutes, whom will be asked to pay in IMC tokens.

Long-term: 1. Using our own antibody prediction system to design drugs. Those companies and institutes who buy these drugs or patents need to pay in IMC token. 2. Expanding the application of antibody drugs and immune therapy to diseases other than cancer, like metabolic syndromes and obesity. The key products of these expanded applications, such as an anti-obesity antibody drug or a weight-management antibody supplements, will allow payment only in IMC token.

Our Solution
We have already developed a powerful distributed computation system that can unify large numbers of computers for cooperative computing. Also, we have already developed an accurate protein stricture design and structure prediction system that can be applied to designing antibody amino acids sequences and predicting antibody stricture. Furthermore, we have developed an accurate molecular ducking algorithm to help determine whether the designed antibody drugs can bind specifically to the target molecules. With the above core technologies, we are confident in developing antibody drugs in a highly efficient manner.

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ICO Structure Details

ICO Rules

Whitelist Application Start In:December 5th, 2017, End In:December 16th, 2017.
We expect to approve 20,000 people to become whitelist members and having the right to purchase the IMC Tokens.

Whitelist members will be divided into two batches based on the order of the applications.
He first batch (first 3,000 members) of approved participants will enjoy an additional 50% bonus and
the second batch (3,001 – 20,000) will enjoy an additional 30% bonus.
Members that are in the first batch of whitelist need to purchase the offer within the pre-sales phase. Otherwise, the qualification will be cancelled.

Only 260,000,000 tokens will be issued during the pre-sales phase. We do not guarantee all those on the approved whitelist can successfully purchase IMC Tokens.

We will use the Transaction TimeStamp on Etherscan ( to determine whether each participant’s purchasing IMC Tokens is successful.
If you are in the whitelist but cannot successfully purchase IMC Tokens due it is being sold out,
we will preferentially reserve your right to participate in the crowdsale phase and
your Bitcoin / Ethereum will be returned in full within 2 – 3 days after the pre-sales phase ends.

1st Batch Whitelist, 2017/12/20 – 2017/12/25 1 ETH = 3000 IMC +50% Bonus.
2nd Batch Whitelist, 2017/12/26 – 2017/12/31 1 ETH = 2600 IMC +30% Bonus.

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