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JBoxCoin ICO Details

JBOX is a cryptocurrency of a decentralized video transmission platform that uses blockchain technology, where registered JBOX members earn money watching videos and uploading videos to the network.

We are in a world where the only constant is the certainty of change. In JBOXCOIN.ORG have created a platform to earn money while you entertain. The concept behind the platform is different from YouTube, they pay for uploading and watching new videos. JBOX researches and uses the best blockchain technologies, bringing a new decentralized sustainable video into a transmission cryptocurrency system.

The JBOX coins will sell 100 million JBOX tokens during the Initial Coin Offer (ICO) . There will be 50% bonus first 48 hours time.and 30% bonus first 5 days of the ico,20% bonus 2nd week of the ico , 10% 3rd week and 5% bonus 4th week.

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