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Kinekt Terminals ICO Details

KINEKT is a new generation BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATED touch terminal used at physical points of sale. The terminal is designed to be low cost and is entirely customer, service and POS technology AGNOSTIC. Current terminals can to do just one type of transaction at a time, for example either a loyalty or payment transaction. The KINEKT Terminal can process MULTIPLE transactions using just a FINGERPRINT + PIN. Additionally transactions are managed by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to automatically select a customer’s default (preferred) card service/s, or changed on-the-fly as required using the touch terminal itself.
Our token is called the KINEKT Token (XKN) and a utility token used by participants (end-users, merchants and service providers) to pay for products and services transacted at physipcal points of sale with the KINEKT Terminal. A maximum of 1 Billion tokens will be created. Out of these tokens up to 21% will be made available to the public during the initial coin offering (fundraising period), with the rest being held by the company. XKN Tokens is based on the ERC20 standard incorporating smart contracts within the Ethereum network.

The fundraiser will last for a period of 40 days, starting with a 10-day pre-sale flat rated discount period, closely followed by a 30-day diminishing discount period. Throughout the entire fundraiser period, 1 Ethereum (1 ETH) will be equal to 5,000 KINEKT Tokens (5,000 XKN) plus a time dependent bonus. This bonus is meant to incentivize early adopters for their participation. During the pre-sale period the discount will be a 30% flat rate calculated as follows, for example a 1 ETH contribution will yield an allocation of 5,000 X (1 ETH + 30%) = 6,500 XKN. During the main-sale period discounts will start with 20% for the first 10 days, followed by 10% for the next 10 days, and end with 5% for the last 10 days. There will be no maximum cap on contributions other than the 21% amount of tokens made available during the entire pre / main sales period, and the minimum cap will be 0.1 Ether per person.

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Angus Pohl

CEO & Founder

Sumved Shami

CTO & Co-Founder

Lee Wilkins

CMO & Co-Founder

David Drake

Co-Founder & Adviser

Simon Cocking

Co-Founder & Adviser

Hannes Van Rensburg

Adviser: Payment Systems



ICO Structure Details

Large quantity private sales are negotiable upon request.

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