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KRPT ICO Details

Kript is your mobile app that helps you invest in crypto assets. The main features of Kript:

Kript assists you in your investment decision with better information on what and when to buy to provide maximum growth for your portfolio

Kript is your 24/7 crypto-adviser that informs you every time it matters

Track insights and decisions made by top investors and analysts on the platform and track their crypto portfolio and adapt it to your vision

Kript gives you personalized insights about the crypto market and the potential of other crypto assets

With Kript you can buy or sell crypto assets from multiple exchanges directly in one app. Anytime, anywhere

The largest issue facing Crypto currencies is illiquidity. Our goal is to help create a transparent and sustainable liquidity for the markets. We keep the investors better informed and aim to bring additional knowledge, ability and talent to the markets. In order to create transparency and value in this new economy, we created Kript — a multi- blockchain platform that implements a service function — to assist the investor in making the best trading decision for his portfolio. We create a social trading environment for the investor to make these decisions based on knowledge and understanding.

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ICO Structure Details

50% — a welcome bonus for the first 100 000 users registered in
the app, friends’ invitation and traffic parters (2 500 000 tokens).
Within the first month of our bounty program, every new user who
signs up and link a wallet to Kript will get 10 KRPT tokens. If you
bring one more registered user to our community, you both will
receive 10 KRPT each.
Each month our bounty rewards will decrease in proportion to the
number of the tokens received by new users.

How it works: within the first month we distribute
500 000 KRPT. We have 2 000 000 of free tokens
left. This amount will be divided by the total number
of tokens 2 500 000 so we can get the coefficient
of the remaining bounty awards. We will multiply
the initial reward (10 KRPT) to set up new reward
for the next month.
Example: 2 x 2,5 = 0,8 х 10 = 8 KRPT

By gradual reduction of the amount of our reward we will keep the
bounty program for a long term.

25% — content and media bounty for publishers (1 250 000 KRPT).
25% — bounty for developers to improve our codebase, find critical
bugs, and identify security breaches that might make threat to our
network (1 250 000 KRPT).

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