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Lendingstar ICO Details

LendingStar Exchange (LSX), the world’s first invoice exchange built on the blockchain, is preparing for a crowdsale this November.

Invoices bought from alternative finance marketplaces around the world will be traded on this secondary exchange. LSX allows trading in any fiat and cryptocurrency, including bitcoins and ethers, and is due for public release in late 2018.

LSX behaves like a stock exchange, where investors from all walks of life can trade any cryptoassets backed by an invoice, in fiat and cryptocurrency. LSX will provide investors with greater liquidity, and grant bitcoin investors greater access to alternative finance investments that previously were traded in solely fiat currency.

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ICO Structure Details

Dates: November 2nd — November 7
Price 1000 per 1ETH
Min contribution: 0,1ETH
Volume discount (one-time purchase): 100–300ETH — 15% bonus; 301–500ETH — 20% bonus; 501–700ETH — 25% bonus; above 700ETH — 30% bonus

70% of the LST tokens will go to the crowdsale. Of the balance, 20% of the tokens will not be part of the crowdsale and will instead be held by the company and team as reserve. The remaining 10% will be held as a reward for advisors and partners.

If the crowdsale achieves has a maximum cap of 70,000ETH in proceeds, LendingStar will be well positioned to drive to more than US$6B in transaction volume on the exchange by 2020. For every 10,000ETH raised in excess of the soft cap of 20,000ETH, LendingStar plans to accelerate trading on the platform by US$50M per month.

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