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Linda Healthcare ICO Details

You can access Linda by purchasing our CryptoHealthInsurance. The only way to purchase Linda Healthcare CryptoHealthInsurance is with our cryptocurrency LindaHealthCoin. Use LindaHealthCoin any time you need access to Linda and medical as part of your CryptoHealthInsurance. Linda Healthcare is cheaper than traditional fiat insurance and human-based healthcare because of the scale of economies that artificial Intelligence provides and the efficiencies that blockchain technologies offer.

Our Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts keep track of your premium payments and your access to Linda Healthcare medical assistant. Paying a little bit extra every month will give you access to human doctor’s telemedicine on top of our AI for those who really want to speak with a human after having spoken with Linda. By pooling everyone’s risk and receiving monthly premiums we will be able to provide affordable care to our members.

Token name: LindaHealthCoin
Token symbol: LNDA
Token type: Ethereum ERC20
Target raise: Approx $10 million
Total tokens issued: 210 million
Tokens for ICO sale: 102 million
Price per LindaHealthCoin token: $0.10
Tokens per 1 Ether: 2346
Pre-Sale bonus of 1 for 10 (10%)
Method of payment: Ethers via

Payment instructions: will be sent to your email address on ICO day to those who sign up to our Newsletter. We will send you our ICO wallet address where all Ethers will be in a vault for the duration of the crowdsale before being released to Linda Healthcare.

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