LocalCoinSwap Pre-ICO ICO Details

LocalCoinSwap is building a P2P cryptocurrency exchange and launching an associated Cryptoshare ICO.

LocalCoinSwap features a completely decentralized peer-to-peer trading structure. There are no centralized bank accounts, no verification requirements, and no restrictions on trade.

Furthermore LocalCoinSwap distributes 100% of the sites profits to holders of Cryptoshares on a 1-to-1 basis, through a blockchain-based decentralized dividend application.

LocalCoinSwap dividend currencies are the same currencies traded on the exchange. Traders receive regular payments across an entire basket of cryptocurrencies, just from holding one asset.

LocalCoinSwap will open with a minimum of the 10 most traded cryptocurrencies, expanding continuously to integrate more. The funds raised in the crowdsale are being used to increase the selection of currencies supported at launch.

Cryptoshare holders receive free airdrops of new ICO tokens listed on the LocalCoinSwapplatform, as well as special offers from companies trying to raise pre-ICO funding.

Cryptoshare holders can even vote on important decisions in the running of the exchange.

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ICO Structure Details

Presale: 40% bonus
During the main ICO crowdsale, once each benchmark of $5m USD is reached, all existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive an extra 5% bonus. So if the hardcap is reached the maximum bonus that can be received is 60% for presale investors and 20% for the main crowdsale investors.

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