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Media Coin ICO Details

AdMine is a new kind of crypto currency mining where the user receives koins for viewing advertising on the Internet, assessing the quality of goods, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing quests, testing games.

Our goal is to create a social network of brands based on blocking technology, we want to attract users’ attention to advertising and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions in which all participants benefit from cooperation. For viewing advertising, users will be credited with a crypto currency, for which they can buy goods on the Internet. Users will also be able to withdraw earned crypto currency into their bank account or card, and also exchange it for other crypto-currencies.

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ICO Structure Details

PRE ICO: 18.12.17 – 19.01.18

ICO: 19.03.18 – 20.04.18

1 day 50% bonus tokens
2-3 day 30% bonus tokens
From the 4th day 25% bonus tokens

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