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Nitro ICO Details

NITRO is videogames related new cryptocurrency project. It is a unique project on the ICO market as it is backed by a publicly listed company (iCandy Interactive Ltd, ASX:ICI) that has an existing relevant business with prominent institutional shareholders.

NITRO is a project to tokenize the videogames economy that is backed by a successful award-winning game business that has been operating for many years and has a base of 23 million smartphone users. This proposition significantly reduces the risk of business plan execution, compared to other ICO projects have.

Another unique proposition of the project compared to other game-related crypto projects is we have a thorough understanding of the complex challenges of the game industry and our blockchain based solution is a holistic approach to solve end-to-end value-chain problem of the ecosystem. In the project we have considered interests of all stakeholders of the video-game industry, i.e. gamers, game studios, publishers and financiers.

Among the key feature of our solution is gamers and/or laymen can become financiers to participate in booming video game economy (it is almost impossible these days as the game market is an oligopoly structure). Publishers and game studios will get marketing access to the audience of gamers through an efficient and transparent manner.

Gamers will be able to use one coin in all games for in-game purchases, get incentive in engagement, participate in the game development process and ultimately get rewards from the industry as token holders. Game studios get access to the funding and audience to trial ideas plus they will get instant revenue (instead of waiting for payment cycles that can go up to 90 days).

In short, NITRO aims to:
1. Allow all stakeholders of the video-games industry to participate in its development
2. Connect game developers and gamers on a single platform
3. Better provide for up and coming game studios
4. Develop a long-term sustainable video-games platform

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ICO Structure Details

Pre-sale: 30% bonus NOX
Crowd-sale: 25% bonus NOX for the first 24 hours
15% bonus NOX for the next 48 hours

Usual rate being 1ETH : 800NOX

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