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Since 2015 we have been developing a global platform in which we provide new blockchain applications focused on generating registers and strong proofs of authenticity in a decentralized manner.

Having been the 1st regtech that uses blockchain for real-world cases, our applications, which are already available to Brazilian users, promote a new way for registering identities, cost reduction for signing documents (e.g., paper dematerialisation, transport and manual authenticity recognition in traditional institutions) besides the exponential increase in efficiency and render obsolete any centralized institutions responsible for registering and certifying the authenticity of contents.

Economic Freedom Index places Brazil 140th in the bureaucracy ranking, having gained a worldwide reputation for big bureaucracy that significantly prevents business development. The formal procedural bureaucracy is a profitable business in all countries with Civil Law system, which includes Latin America and much of Europe. However, the centralization of information is a global issue and allows asymmetries of information that might make people and organizations susceptible to fraud.

The key to reduce these asymmetries is the decentralized authenticity, which can be achieved by means of decentralized networks that use public blockchains to provide full transparency, access, and trust.

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ICO Structure Details

Total supply of token, 200 millions tokens, being:
10% phase 1
23% phase 2
30% network incentives
33% retained by the company
1% crowdsale costs

ICO price of token: USD 0.25

20.000.000 tokens available for sale

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