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Paymon ICO Details

Paymon suggests its own view of standard Blockchain, introducing ways of dealing with most issues of existing cryptocurrencies: the scaling problem, archaic architecture, low speed, and high transaction fees. Our new blockchain Hive improves all cryptocurrency instruments: from technology and infrastructure to regulatory compliance with current regulations. Business platform Profit, developed under our project, will be a universal solution for everyone: from developers and basic users to commercial organizations and ICO projects. Moreover, the project is a great investment opportunity in virtue of its tokens. Our team has currently created a blockchain messenger, which allows its users to safely and easily send each other not only messages, but also cryptocurrency.

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Gleim Semyon

Co-founder & CEO

Babaylov Ivan

Chief Marketing Officer

Lenchevskii Nikitav

Lead Marketing Specialist

Kondratev Yaroslav

Marketing Manager

Poskryobishev Konstantin

Co-founder, Lead Developer, Blockchain specialist

Markushin Vladislav

Lead Developer, Blockchain Specialist, Android and iOS developer

Skorynin Maxim

Lead Developer, Android and iOS developer

Stefanidi Ilya

Android developer

Pakhomov Maxim

Web version developer

Pomelov Sergey

Product designer

Hasiahmetov Denis

Marketing manager, videomaker

Nikolay Vasenkin

Web Developer

Ekaterina Belchikova

Community manager of Paymon

Elena Tishakova

Social Media Manager



ICO Structure Details

1,000,000,000 – total, 250,000,000 second round

stage “pre-sale” 27.03 – 30.03
bonuses 15% .

1. 30.03-06.04 (bonus 10%)
2. 06.04 -13.04 (bonus 5%)
3. 13.04 – 20.04 (no bonus)

21.04 – 03.05 (no bonus)

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