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Potentiam ICO Details

Potentiam is an all encompassing platform that allows creatives control their own destiny. At the core, a social network where composers and performers can create their own accounts to advertise themselves, seek out other artists for collaboration or to form groups/bands. A digital production studio where all the necessary tools a composer, performer or producer would need to write compositions and record/edit audio as well as create master recordings. A catalog management suite where artists can manage their content, including associated copyrights, that has been created within or outside of Potentiam Core. Associated with Potentiam Core will be four main distribution modules: digital sales, physical sales, Sync Licensing and P.R.O./broadcast royalties. There will also be a live performance module which connects performers with promoters.

Parallel to Potentiam Core is Potentiam Classic; Potentiam Classic is the blockchain answer to $4.5 billion annual investment made by the major record labels into Marketing and A&R. By creating the “Steemit for Music Culture”, Potentiam Classic plans on creating the most trusted source for information in the Music Industry. It will operate in conjunction with a crowdfunder to raise money for new artists for things such as in home sound studios or travel.

By pairing an extensive social media network with blockchain technology, Potentiam plans to reduce the influence of intermediaries in the music industry, placing the power back into the hands of the creatives.

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ICO Structure Details

Crowdsale Details:
Presale Hard Cap = 5000 ETH
Total Hardcap = 15000 ETH

***ALL UNSOLD TOKENS WILL BE BURNED (This will happen in the case of not meeting our cap or in the case of Eth value increasing to the point where the hard cap cap is met quicker)

Presale Week 1 = 20%
Presale Week 2 = 18%
Main-sale Week 1 = 12%
Main Sale Week 2 = 8%
Main Sale Week 3 = 4%
Main Sale Week 4 = 0%

Note* Main-sale will begin two weeks after the beginning of the presale, or the moment that funds raised has reached the presale hard cap, whichever comes first.

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