Powerloan Lending ICO Details

Owners of POWL token is able to give it out as micro loan in staking wallet for specific duration to earn daily interest. When duration matures, the coin will be returned to the owners. Powerloan also create new green energy related blockchains and airdrop token to the owners.

Funds gathered during the offering will be used in multiple efforts to ensure our payout of interest is consistent and sustainable.

35% – Investment in businesses targeting consumer grade renewable energy technology and smart home technology in tropical countries where solar is optimum throughout the year. Creating OEM products that are affordable to end consumers.

35% – Creation of tokenized green energy and technology blockchain, where tokens can be utilized to procure services from green datacenters and e-services. 30% of new tokens will be airdropped to POWERLOAN owners.

20% – Post-ICO marketing. To ensure demand in POWERLOAN token continues to increase after the ICO. This will ensure stability in token price and long term rewards.

10% – Running the operation and keeping the lights on.

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Total Bounty Value Bounty Available Task Connect
21,000,000 POWL
Powerloan Lending Bounty Program



ICO Structure Details

Price Per Unit: $0.50
Amount: 1,500,000

ICO Stage 1
Price Per Unit: $0.75
Amount: 1,500,000

ICO Stage 2
Price Per Unit: $0.90
Amount: 1,500,000

ICO Stage 3
Price Per Unit: $1.10
Amount: 1,500,000

Referral Rewards
Tier 1 – Crowdsale Bonus 8%, Daily Referral Loan Bonus 0.25%.
Tier 2 – Crowdsale Bonus 4%, Daily Referral Loan Bonus 0.20%.
Tier 3 – Crowdsale Bonus 2%, Daily Referral Loan Bonus 0.15%.
Tier 4 – Crowdsale Bonus 1%, Daily Referral Loan Bonus 0.05%.
Tier 5 – Crowdsale Bonus 1%, Daily Referral Loan Bonus 0.05%.

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