Pureair Coin ICO Details

PUREAir Coin powers Air Bastion. Air Bastion is a platform whose purpose and reason to exist is to clean the air from pollution by involving everyone in the goal.
How it’s achieved is by donations to the platform, collaboration, education, sponsorships and a ton of other things.
Donations and sponsorship are then forwarded to Pure Air Industries with whom we are closely related now (we have legally binding contracts) in order to do the job. These funds will allow Pure Air Industries to finish, test and deploy the units that clean the air into our streets and start making a real impact.
In the future though, AIR BASTION is going to become a non-profit organization – as no money is made through the platform. And if it’s possible, operated independently from Pure Air Industries. So, when a corporation/startup is shortlisted to receive the donation is going to be elected by stakeholders and registered in a blockchain.

PUREAir Coin is powering all these transactions, and this transactions are bringing us closer to eliminate air pollution.

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ICO Structure Details

Day 1: +10% bonus

Day 2: +7% bonus

Day 3: +5% bonus

Day 4: +3% bonus

Day 5 onwards: no bonuses

Currency accepted: ETH, BTC
PURE Token Pre-Sale cap (Phase #1): 78,000,000 PURE tokens (Hard Cap) = 15% of our total tokens.
Minimal goal to start: 10,000,000 PURE tokens (Soft Cap)
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1,000 PURE tokens

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