QBao ICO Details

Qbao is a Qtum based, decentralized and trustworthy social network. In previous social networks their creators have played the double role of “manager” and “mediator”, this results in users and other stakeholders having no right of speech. In Qbao social network, all users are equal conforming to a common decentralized autonomous protocol. They have equal status, jointly own, govern and share the decentralized social network.
Qbao will issue a token named QBT based on Qtum, and all application scenarios will need QBT.
· Qbao changes the situation of previous social network owners playing a double role of both “manager and mediator” and provides a decentralized autonomous protocol that people should abide by. In the decentralized autonomous protocol, QBT is the embodiment of the right of speech, so people can participate in the governance and interest share of the whole social network in a fair way. Qbao will strive to create a social network owned, governed and shared by all people.

· People can obtain various value-added social services through QBT, for example, encrypted p2p communication, emoticons and skin market.
· An ecological system can be established through QBT, for example, trust social, knowledge payment, massive DAPP. Besides, creators, partners or users can be benefited from the ecosystem.
· The basis of QBT, users and content suppliers can form a new mode of cooperation, so the relationship between them will be closer
· QBT can make users of the social network and Internet advertisers reach a new way of interest allocation, and advertisers and users can obtain benefits by sharing advertisement through QBT.
In addition, Qbao provides a wide support for various decentralized applications (DAPP) and tokens on Qtum, making very easy to use the services provided by other DAPPs and tokens, for example, forecasting the market with Bodhi, VEVUE sharing videos around the world. Meanwhile, Qtum’s token can be exchanged and traded.
Under this mode, creators of the network, partners and users can maintain the whole social network with a more equal, reasonable and profit-sharing way. Resulting in the value of the whole Qbao social network becoming larger due to profit sharing.

Qbao aims to serve the Qtum community and global blockchain users, enabling people to better experience the new generation of blockchain technology, Qtum, and various other decentralized applications (DAPP) based on Qtum. We hope to popularize blockchain technology in more traditional Internet fields through Qbao by making more users feel the charm of blockchain technology. The vision of Qbao is to become a social network as WeChat which has a complete ecology.

Qbao Token (QBT) is an issued token based on Qtum and is the core of Qbao social network. Usage scenarios of QBT include but not limited to:
· A wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrency
· Decentralized peer-to-peer encrypted communication · Trust Social
· Knowledge payment
· Payment gateway and clearing
· DAPP store
· Emoticons and skin market
· Product promotion engine
· Digital assets exchange
· Community of user generated content

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ICO Structure Details

Token Amount: 100,000,000
51% for private sale, presale and crowdsale.
Crowdsale stage start on 2017.11.20
QBT Supply: 31,500,000
Early Bird bonus: 10% (1QTUM = 49.5QBT)
First Week bonus: 5% (1QTUM = 49.5QBT)
Normal bonus: 0% (1QTUM = 45QBT)

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