RateDate ICO Details

Rate Date includes a wide range of opportunities:
• easy access to the service,
• unlimited communication,
• opportunity to take part in the online video date auction as a Rater and a Dater.

Dater – a registered user of Rate Date website, who places his or her profile on the online video date auction.
Rater – a registered user of Rate Date website, who participates in a tender on the
online video date auction.

The primary goal of Rate Date Company is to unite as many lonely hearts as possible and make it easier for people to make acquaintances in the high tech age.
When establishing the resource, Rate Date plans to develop and implement new opportunities for users, thus creating advantages over the majority of competitors.

To launch the investment program, Rate Date issues RDT for selling.

RDT token (Rate Date Token) – is an internal payment unit of the service, which grants the right to purchase additional services and participate in the online video date auctions.

All the RDT holders have an opportunity to make free use of token within Rate Date service, as well as for using them on the exchange.

The number of tokens is limited: 50 000 000 RDT, issued on Ethereum, ERC20. For sale in ICO will be exposed 37 000 000 RDT. During the ICO period, Rate Date plans to attract the maximum 10 000 ETH of investments.

Purchase of RDT – is a favorable and promising investment. Unique opportunities of the resource assume high level of demand for chargeable functionalities that will trigger growth of RDT price and will generate the expected profit for investors.

In the wake of rising amount of new Rate Date users, tokens will be bought back in order to support the service’s ecosystem.

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