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RenCap ICO Details

RenCap’s RNP will become the cheapest and most convenient Payment Solution. RNP can be used in B2B, B2C and C2C Payment or Transfer.

RNP can be used in B2B transaction which will reduce International transfer fees, Currency Conversion charges. Recipient business does not have to create any exchange account, he can convert RNP into local currency via RenCap’s BuyBack scheme which happens all year round. This simplify the process and at the same time making the transfer cheaper and much faster.

RNP can be used in B2C transactions in form of usual QR Code and Mobile Wallet payment. RNP will also have its own custom mobile wallet, Debit Cards and Payment Terminals to be placed in partner stores whom will accept RNP Payments.
Merchants can save up to 3% in processing fee when accepting RNP Payments. Merchants can also opt to receive payments in local currency when accepting RNP Payments as our terminal will lock the conversion rate upon swiping.
Consumers enjoy the ability to use RNP in their daily lives or keep in their wallet as investments when not needed. They also hold their own coins and are not subjected to traditional annual or card fees or currency conversion fees.

RNP can be used in C2C transaction which will eliminate remittance fees or transfer fees or currency conversion fees. When one remit to another, recipient also do not have to register and sell to exchange. He/She can simply sell to RenCap to convert to local currency which will quicken the process yet eliminating charges and fees.

RenCap has a first batch of businesses in Asia which will adopt RNP as their B2B financial transaction currency.

RNP will be the cheapest, fastest and Decentralized Payment Solution where everyone hold their own asset but at the same time, applying cryptocurrency into Actual daily lives.

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Terence Ho

Founder / Chief Developer

May Ong

Graphics Engineer

Johnson Sow

Regional Operations and Logistics Manager

Chonlada Rattanapan

Overseas Operations Manager

Ling Pei Chee

Operations and Finance Manager

Lily Ngui

Customer and Accounts Service Manager



ICO Structure Details

Public Sale 20,000,000
Public Bonuses 5,000,000

Stage 1 – 50% Bonus, 3M Hard Cap
Stage 2 – 30% Bonus, 10M Hard Cap
Stage 3 – 10% Bonus, 4M Hard Cap
Stage 4 – 3% Bonus, 3M Hard Cap

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