Sine ICO Details is a blockchain-powered music streaming service. It offers the audience the SINE tokens (Ethereum ERC20) as a reward for their activities on content selection such as choosing the best new tracks or creating popular playlists. We believe that recognizing and rewarding this curatorial work is the key to creating the most active and fastest growing music community in the world, and hence an ideal platform for the musicians to demonstrate and promote their work.

For listeners

Listen to music, like and share your favorite songs. 
Get rewards for discovering new hits, the next big artists or making popular playlists

For creators

Instantly get paid whenever your music streams. Find your audience and promote your music with the most efficient targeting

Our goals:

1. To create a streaming service that will be free of charge for active users and serve as a source of income for people
2. To build the most effective platform for music promotion
3. To increase income from streaming for artists by creating a service with more value and revenue compared to the existing ones

Sine is all about its own cryptocurrency, SINE tokens. Total supply is 400 million SINE. 200 million SINE are being offered for sale. They will be sold in two stages with limited pre-sale, then during the general sale. SINE can be obtained online at a price per token of 1 SINE = 0.001ETH with payment in ETH.

The ICO pre-Sale is now live!
For more detailed information about Sine visit:


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