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Solve.Care ICO Details

Solve.Care has launched a global platform for decentralized administration and payments of healthcare on Blockchain. Our platform uses Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology, to empower the patients and healthcare services providers with peer-to-peer transaction capability. Our innovative use of Blockchain allows for delegation of authority to patients and doctors so they can see each other quickly and efficiently; deliver proper care and get paid immediately; and maintain proper control over cost and utilization of healthcare.

Our platform is designed to simplify access to care, reduce administrative steps and burden, and simplify and speed up payments to healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies etc.).

Patients demand flexibility and self-determination of services: from whom to when and where. And now Insurers can empower them without being constrained by pre-existing contracts with healthcare services providers.

Delegated authority to patients empowers them to seek the clinical services they need on a timely basis which creates better outcomes for all stakeholders – from patients, practitioners, hospitals and insurers.

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Pradeep Goel


Vadym Vorobiov


Dr. David Randall

Senior Policy Advisor

Vlad Fedorenko

Backend Development Team Lead

Artem Grygoryev

Web Development Team Lead

Mariya Ozadovskaya

Head of Marketing and Strategy

Irina Iakhno

Manager of Marketing


The Honorable James Moran

Strategic Advisor

Paul Brubaker

Strategic Advisor

Jonathan Chou


Nick Macario




ICO Structure Details

CAN Token Sale
• Total supply available for sale: 350 million
• Tokens already sold: 212 million (more than 60%)
• Team vesting Period: 3 years

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