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Spectre ICO Details, short for SPECulative Tokenized TRading Exchange is a prediction market trading platform with core focus on financial trading and betting. In financial trading, traders make a prediction and speculate on the rise or fall of the price of fast-moving global financial markets (or instruments) such as currencies, shares, indices, commodities and crypto currencies. Successful prediction of an instrument’s future price movement could yield significant profit.

A financial market prediction is the act of trying to determine the future value of the financial instrument. It is not about owning the underlying asset but about betting on that asset.

To draw a comparison to sports betting, think of a football game, Liverpool vs Manchester United, and think that you are betting on Liverpool to win. Similarly, in financial trading, the wager/bet will be against two currency pairs, for example EUR/USD, and you are betting on whether EUR is going to rise or fall against the USD. is a prediction market platform, and NOT a crypto currency exchange.

The Problem that is solving.

The main issues with current financial trading and betting are that a) traders need to deposit to the broker’s account in order to start trading, and b) with the exception of A-book FX brokers, traders trade against the broker’s balance sheet. The latter means that a trader’s win is a broker’s loss. This creates a conflict of interest between traders and brokers, as the latter often resort to fraud, manipulation of prices and even refusal of withdrawals to the former thereby destroying trader’s balances and finances, over time.
These issues contribute to a staggering 70–90%+ industry loss ratio for the traders, meaning that more than 7/10 traders lose money in the longer run.

Why is the solution

The model is unique and with the help of the Ethereum blockchain we are removing the broker from the equation completely to create a new paradigm of trading.

Firstly, in there is no concept of deposit. Traders trade from their own Ethereum wallet. Furthermore, traders trade against a liquidity pool funded by Token Sale investors and not against’s balance sheet and all transactions are governed by smart contracts.

The smart contracts pay out 2% rewards to token holders and 2% to as a technology fee, each time the trader takes a smart option trade. In the case of smart CFDs the rewards and fees are in the range of 2%-20% of spread. This is completely different to the traditional broker model where brokers get paid on trader losses.

As a result, delivers a sustainable, fair and transparent trading and betting environment with no conflict of interest between involved parties; A provably fair battleground where traders can fairly trade against the market without outside intervention.

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ICO Structure Details

– 240m tokens to be distributed

– Pre-sale started on 27th of Oct and will end on 5th of Nov. 33% bonus is applied to the first 100mil tokens sold, and 22% bonus applies for all tokens for the remainder of the pre-sale.

– Public sale starts on 17th of Nov and will end on 10th of Dec. 11% bonus is offered during the first week.

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